Luggage Allowance

International flights:-  - check with your airlines first.

Hand luggage:- 7kg  - (15lbs)   22in x18in x 10in (including handles, pockets and wheels

Main Luggage:-        

Economy class 23kg – (50lbs) 158cm (62ins) in diameter

First class 32kg – (70lbs) 158cm (62ins) in diameter




However keep in mind that if you are traveling into the Game Parks, sometimes light aircraft are used and they have serious weight restrictions. Less is best, as most of the camps have great laundry services and your clothes will be returned promptly.

Arrangements can be made for bulkier equipment and the rest of your luggage to meet you at your desired destination. (I will need to know beforehand)


Light aircraft-  some internal flights such as-

King Air B300, Pilatus PC12 or Cessna’s are used to land on the airstrips in the camps. Weight and size of a bag is an issue. 

Each person may ONLY take-

  • 1 soft sided bag.10-12kg (22-26lbs) or back pack
  • 1 handbag/pocket book
  • 1 camera case (waterproof and dustproof)
  • 1 flat bag - for your extra clothes and camera during the game drives. (Preferably waterproof.) This can be packed into your suitcase.


Important Documents-

  • Valid passport with two clear pages for exit and entry into different countries.

  • Valid Visa – if required

  • Drivers license – if you plan to drive and for another form of ID

  • Photocopy of the following:-    

  • Passport

  • Credit cards back and front

(keep all of the above in a separate place)

  • Expense money – I suggest you use your Debit card at the ATM when you get there if flying into a major airport and transfer some money into the local currency.

  • USD can be used some countries like Zimbabwe

  • Travel Insurance Policy –for emergency situations

  • Prescriptions –labeled with each person’s name on the bottle.

  • Epi Pen for allergies

  • Malaria tablets – for traveling into Malaria invested areas

  • Medical kit (Aspirins, Tylenol, Advil, Band-Aids, Neosporin, Imodium, Antihistamine Cream, Allergy Meds, Anti Nausea, etc.)



  • Camera with good lens for distance shots that can also convert to video.

  • Memory disk

  • Camera battery

  • Cell phone with chargers

  • Ear buds

  • Small Flashlight / torch

  • Sun glasses – preferably polarized

  • Water bottle (most camps offer these)

  • Universal adapter (make sure it has a converter option. Voltage needs to convert from 110V to 210/240V )

  • South African - plug type M (Round 3 prong)

  • Zimbabwe -plug type G (British square 3 prong). Type D Small 5 amp BS 546)

  • Zambia – plug type G (British square 3 prong) Type D Small 5 amp BS 546)

  • Binoculars - 8X40 or 10X42